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Houston dentist Dr. John Krell

How to Choose a Cosmetic Dentist - Houston, TX

Who Should Perform Your Smile Makeover?

Did you know that any dentist can not only perform cosmetic dentistry, but they can even call themselves a cosmetic dentist even if they don’t have experience performing treatment? If you’re considering cosmetic dentistry in Houston, here are a few tips that you’ll need to consider moving forward.


When you first enter the dentist’s office, do you feel welcomed and accommodated by them, their team and the atmosphere? Can you ask questions without receiving a ton of pushback? How does your dentist respond to your comfort needs?


Dentists who take cosmetic dentistry seriously will always have additional training on the subject that is separate from their formal education. This might include training at an accredited institution on treatments like porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, Invisalign, or metal-free materials.

Before and After Portfolio

Seeing is truly believing, and the same couldn’t be more true for cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentists who are willing to stand behind their work will show you cases from previous patients. Feel free to ask them about this portfolio during your consultation so you have clear expectations for your future treatment.

Professional Associations

Even though there is no specialty for cosmetic dentistry, there are many groups dedicated to providing additional resources for those who care about maintaining high-quality cosmetic services. For example, if they are a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, it shows they care about staying on top of the latest advancements in techniques, technologies and materials within that field.


Are they going to be able to perform your treatments within your schedule? Is traveling to their office before/after work or on the weekends exceedingly difficult?

Payment and Financing

Since dental insurance does not largely cover cosmetic dentistry. It’s incredibly important to ask upfront if they are willing to help you create a payment plan as well as determine if they accept certain credit cards. If they offer CareCredit, you can get low-to-zero-interest financing!


Is driving to this dentist particularly difficult from where you live? Are you willing to drive to the office from your workplace as a compromise if driving from home is too inconvenient?
Time for Treatment

Making sure you are given enough time as part of your visit is crucial. After all, some cosmetic treatments leave your smile permanently altered (i.e. porcelain veneers), so you should make sure that they are willing to be patient as you choose a treatment. Furthermore, it’s worth confirming if they have vacation coming up that could potentially influence the length of your treatment.


CEREC One-Visit restorations, intraoral cameras, digital X-rays, sedation dentistry; these are all technologies that can dramatically affect the overall quality of your cosmetic dental experience. If you require any potential technologies to complete treatment or you simply want to make sure they are working with the best tools, make sure to ask them about it during your consultation.

Preview Your Smile

Is there any way to preview what you’re smile will look like ahead of time? Having this option can be reassuring, especially if you’ve never had cosmetic dentistry performed previously.

When done correctly and with the right expertise, cosmetic dentistry has the ability to completely change the way you think about your smile and your overall outlook. It’s important that your dentist cares deeply about your future appearance as you’re going to be the one to live with that smile moving forward. Take their treatment plan into consideration during your consultation and always make sure to discuss financing and scheduling upfront, so you can set clear expectations for your future smile makeover.