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Houston dentist Dr. John Krell

Nitrous Oxide Sedation


Inside of an oxygen mask

Nitrous oxide sedation ("laughing gas") has been used as the most frequent and primary means of sedation in dentistry for many years. 35% of all US dentists offer nitrous oxide sedation to help their nervous patients.

Advantages of Nitrous Oxide Sedation:

  • Works well for mild to moderate anxiety
  • Rapid Onset
  • Flexible duration can be used for any appointment length
  • Easy to quickly control the level of sedation which may be altered moment to moment 
  • People recover quickly
  • Very few side effects
  • There is an analgesic effect
  • You can drive yourself to and from your dental appointment
  • You can return to normal activities immediately

Disadvantages of Nitrous Oxide Sedation:

  • Severe anxiety may require a deeper level of sedation
  • Not recommended for people who have respiratory problems (Asthma and Emphysema)
  • Claustrophobic patients may not like the nasal mask used to administer the gas

What is Nitrous Oxide Made Of?

  • Nitrous Oxide (N2O)
  • Oxygen (O2) 

The safety features of the machine insure a patient receives no less than 30% oxygen mixed with nitrous oxide. Usually, a patient receives 50 to 70% oxygen.

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