Nightguards For Bruxism in Houston, TX


As many as 1 in 3 people suffer from nocturnal teeth grinding, otherwise known as bruxism. This condition can occur because of stress or injury, and in either case, it can be extremely damaging to the teeth. Bruxism exposes the teeth to a tremendous amount of pressure, and over time, this can severely wear them down and even cause them to break. We’ll look for signs of bruxism at your regular checkup, and we can provide a variety of treatments if needed, which may include wearing a small, comfortable mouthguard to bed each night.

Do your teeth look worn down? Do you frequently wake up with a sore or tired jaw? These are classic signs of bruxism, and to protect your teeth, you should seek out treatment right away from Dr. Krell and his team. Contact our Houston, TX office for an appointment so you can rest easy tonight.

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