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Snoring Treatment in Houston, TX

Comfortable & Effective Oral Appliance Treatment

Snoring research has shown that custom-fabricated dental devices worn at night that move the lower jaw into a forward position increase the space in the airway tube, which can reduce air velocity and soft tissue vibration. By increasing the volumetric capacity of the airway and preventing soft tissue vibrations, snoring is eliminated. In clinical research studies, dentists have prescribed oral devices that exhibited initial snoring prevention rates of 70% to 100%. The Houston snore treatment SILENT NITE device positions the lower jaw into a forward position by means of special connectors that are attached to transparent, flexible upper and lower mouthpieces. These mouthpieces are custom-laminated with heat and pressure to fit the shape of each patient’s mouth. The fit is excellent and comfortable. Contact us today to learn more!

Breathe Easier with the SILENT NITE Device

Clear occlusal splint for sleep apnea

The snore treatment SILENT NITE prevents snoring by opening the airway and making breathing easier. SILENT NIGHT devices do not interfere with breathing through the mouth. Even in cases of congested nasal passages, the device prevents snoring and allows uninhibited oral breathing. Small movements of the jaw are possible while wearing a SILENT NITE device, meaning a patient should be able to drink and speak while wearing one.

This movement helps minimize any potential stiffness in the joints of the jaw in the morning. The SILENT NITE device may produce a slight sensation of the jaw being out of alignment upon waking. This feeling is due to a buildup of lymphatic fluid in the jaw joint that occurs during the night, but this will rapidly subside in minutes. SILENT NITE helps promote deeper, more restful sleep by preventing snoring, which is great news for both snorers and bed partners alike.

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